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Victoria Ready To Step In To Assist With NDIS

In light of the update provided at the Disability Reform Council (DRC) meeting on Friday, Victoria is now ready to partner with the NDIA and the Commonwealth Government to get the National Disability Insurance Scheme back on track.

At the DRC meeting, the Commonwealth Government reported that of the joint target set for North East Melbourne of 2,125 participants, only 1623 eligible participants have had access approved and only 138 have plans approved, since 1 July.

The scheme roll out would have been in a better shape had the Commonwealth heeded the warnings of earlier advice that indicated more personnel were needed to keep up with the increased workload.

To get the scheme back on track, the Commonwealth must immediately lift its recruitment freeze imposed on the NDIA.

The Andrews Labor Government has offered to provide additional seconded Department of Human Services staff, who already have the expertise to help fix the backlog of developing plans to help fast track support for people with disability and their families.

The key to the scheme’s success is that quality planning processes for each NDIS participants occur, given the undertaking that no one would be worse off is a key principle of the NDIS legislation.

Victoria welcomes the progress DRC made on endorsing the National Quality and Standards Framework, which sets a base for quality which we look to build upon – especially the role of advocates in the system.

Quote attributable to Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley

“NDIS participants in North East Melbourne and their families have waited long enough for the support they need to live an ordinary life – we all have a responsibility to get the scheme back on track.”