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Landmark Moment For Indigenous Housing

In an historic move, an initial 511 public housing properties will transfer to the ownership of Aboriginal Housing Victoria.

The gradual transfer of 1448 properties from the Director of Housing to Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV) advances self-determination for Aboriginal people through the ownership of housing.

All of the 1448 properties are currently managed by AHV, which, together with a further 76 properties it already owns, provide secure and affordable housing for approximately 4000 Aboriginal Victorians.

The transfer was approved by the Director of Housing and relates to the properties the agency currently manages under lease.

It will mean the homes are owned and managed by an Aboriginal organisation for the benefit of Aboriginal people. Ownership will be transferred in stages ensuring a smooth transition to the organisation as it expands.

All existing tenancies are secure and will not change as a result of title transfer. Rental agreements and the way rent is calculated will stay the same.

On a practical level, tenants will see improved service delivery, as they will only have to deal with one organisation for all issues relating to their housing.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley

”This is an exciting time for Aboriginal Housing Victoria as it grows its capability to deliver affordable housing and build better pathways to stronger communities.”

“The properties will be transferred by the Director of Housing over three years allowing for the changeover to be as straightforward as possible.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins

“Organisations such as Aboriginal Housing Victoria have a long history of supporting their community, strengthening and maintaining cultural and community ties.”

“This transfer is an excellent example of self-determination in action as it will allow Aboriginal Victorians to manage their own affairs.”

Quote attributable to Director of Housing Nick Foa

“This transfer will provide secure housing as a pathway to greater involvement in community and deliver better outcomes.”

Quote attributable to Aboriginal Housing Victoria Chair Tim Chatfield

“This is a landmark moment for Aboriginal people in Victoria. Ownership of the properties we manage has been a long held aspiration of AHV.”